Vaccine Rollout 2.0: Australia needs to do 3 things differently

Originally published on Unsplash/CDC Australia’s vaccine rollout started just over four months ago. It has not gone well, to put it mildly. To date, only 24% of the population have had at least one dose of a vaccine, and nearly 5% – 1.2 million people – have been fully vaccinated. This rate is far […]

View from The Hill: Scott Morrison’s AstraZeneca ‘hand grenade’ turns into cluster bomb

Originally published on The debate about the vexed vaccination rollout on Wednesday exploded into an extraordinary free-for-all, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison under fire and health experts arguing among themselves. Morrison had hoped by easing the way for younger people to get AstraZeneca he’d give a push to the program’s slow pace; equally, he […]

We discovered a new fossil species of horseshoe crab (and named it after David Attenborough)

Originally published on Katrina Kenny, Author provided There are only four known species of horseshoe crabs alive today. But the fossil record shows that hundreds of millions of years ago they came in a huge range of shapes and sizes. In our research, published today in the open-access journal PeerJ, we describe one of […]

Academic freedom is paramount for universities. They can do more to protect it from China’s interference

Originally published on A report from Human Rights Watch released yesterday found students and academics critical of China’s Communist Party are being harassed and intimidated by supporters of Beijing. Human Rights Watch interviewed 24 pro-democracy students from mainland China and Hong Kong, and 22 academics at Australian universities. In three verified cases, families of […]

One third of migrant and refugee women experience domestic violence, major survey reveals

Originally published on A third of migrant and refugee women in a new survey said they experienced some form of domestic and/or family violence. And temporary visa holders consistently reported proportionately higher levels of domestic and family violence, including controlling behaviours. Temporary visa holders also reported much higher patterns of migration-related abuse and threats […]

Economy will be weak and in need of support after pandemic, say top economists in 2021-22 survey

Originally published on Shutterstock Australia’s economy will limp along after recovering from the pandemic, failing to regain the growth it had either in the years leading up to the crisis or the much higher growth in the decades before. That’s the consensus of the 23 leading Australian economists assembled to take part in The […]

An orgy of sunlight, colour and hedonism: the French Impressionists are an oasis in a gloomy Australia

Originally published on Camille Pissarro, French (born in the Danish West Indies) 1830–1903. Spring pasture, 1889. Oil on canvas, 60.0 x 73.7 cm. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Deposited by the Trustees of the White Fund, Lawrence, Massachusetts Photography © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. All Rights Reserved Review: French Impressionism from the Museum […]

At least four in five New Zealanders will have to be vaccinated before border controls can be fully relaxed

Originally published on New Zealand’s chief science advisor Dame Juliet Gerrard receiving her first vaccination dose. Hannah Peters/Getty Images New Zealand will have to maintain some border controls and public health measures until a high proportion of the population is vaccinated, according to our latest modelling study, released today as a pre-print ahead of […]

Nearly 40% of Australian families can’t ‘afford’ childcare

Originally published on Shutterstock Childcare is unaffordable for more than 385,000 Australian families, a new report from Victoria University’s Mitchell Institute shows. The Counting the cost to families: assessing childcare affordability in Australia report uses an international benchmark of no more than 7% of disposable income spent on childcare to determine childcare affordability for […]

New Zealand has managed to dodge the COVID-19 bullet, again. Here’s why

Originally published on Lynn Grieveson/Getty Images New Zealand has avoided community transmission, even though an Australian visitor tested positive for the delta variant which dominates Australia’s latest COVID-19 outbreaks. New Zealand health authorities were quick to react, isolating and testing contacts and suspending travel. Of the traveller’s 2,609 contacts, 93% have now returned a […]