How people and plants can live together sustainably, a live-streamed event

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Micro-X-ray fluorescence map of an Australian native legume at The University of Queensland 2020 Maggie-Anne Harvey, Peter Erskine, Antony van der Ent, Lachlan Casey, University of Queensland

Stories of plants and people are connected in countless ways. Humans have always needed and loved plants, but we have also caused untold destruction on natural environments around the globe.

The Conversation co-hosted an online panel discussion exploring the interconnections between the human and natural worlds on June 14 2021, presented in partnership with the State Library of Queensland.

Panellists Eddie Game from The Nature Conservancy, Tanja Beer from the Queensland College of Art, Prudence Gibson from UNSW and Laura Skates from the University of Western Australia, discussed people’s interactions with plants across social, emotional, scientific and creative endeavours.

This discussion was presented to accompany Entwined: plants and people, a free exhibition at the State Library of Queensland that celebrates and explores the complexity and beauty of plants. It is open until November 14 2021. Watch it below.

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