Marine heatwaves during winter could have dire impacts on New Zealand fisheries and herald more summer storms

Originally published on Shutterstock/Andrey Armyagov The ocean around New Zealand is getting warmer, and extreme warming events have become more frequent over the past years. These marine heatwaves can have devastating impacts on ocean ecosystems. When they happen in summer, they usually receive a lot of attention. But those happening during winter, when the […]

‘Are you double dosed?’ How to ask friends and family if they’re vaccinated, and how to handle it if they say no

Originally published on Shutterstock The weekend is approaching, your fridge is stocked with cheese and you’re eager to organise a COVID-compliant picnic with other fully vaccinated adults which your local rules stipulate. But choose your guests wisely — only fully vaccinated people can attend, and fines apply if the rules are broken. These new […]

Grattan on Friday: To go or not to go — Morrison grapples with Glasgow

Originally published on If Scott Morrison doesn’t go to the Glasgow climate conference, “his absence will send a pretty strong message about his priorities”, Malcolm Turnbull said during his general excoriation of the prime minister this week. Absolutely, it will. And Morrison’s priorities are clear. At the top of the list is political survival […]

Social inequality and hyper violence: why the bleak world of Netflix’s Squid Game is a streaming phenomenon

Originally published on YOUNGKYU PARK/ Netflix Squid Game, an original Netflix drama produced in South Korea, is a streaming phenomenon. Released on 17 September, within two weeks the series has become the most watched Netflix title in 76 countries, including the US, Australia and South Korea. Across nine episodes, desperate people enmeshed in debt […]

Australia’s competition watchdog says Google has a monopoly on online advertising — but how does it work?

Originally published on Gerd Altmann/Pixabay In the pre-digital world, advertising was largely carried by print media, radio and television. Today, digital advertising has surpassed those channels, pervading our desktops and laptops, smartphones, tablets and a variety of other internet-connected devices. And perhaps the biggest player in the online advertising space is Google. Australia’s competition […]

Worksafe’s hotel quarantine breach penalties are a warning for other employers to keep workers safe from COVID

Originally published on Victoria’s occupational health and safety regulator, Worksafe, has charged the state’s health department with 58 breaches for failing to provide hotel quarantine staff with a safe workplace. The breaches occurred between March and July 2020, and at up to A$1.64 million per breach, could amount to fines of $95 million. This […]

Using valuable inner-city land for car parking? In a housing crisis, that just doesn’t add up

Originally published on Shutterstock When I first moved to New Zealand – even after living in some of the highest-priced US property markets – I was taken aback by house prices. My shock was reinforced by the condition of the houses, many of which lack sufficient insulation, adequate heating or cooling, or double-glazed windows. […]

Australia’s threatened species protections are being rewritten. But what’s really needed is money and legal teeth

Originally published on Shutterstock The federal government has proposed replacing almost 200 recovery plans to improve the plight of threatened species and habitat with “conservation advice”, which has less legal clout. While critics have lamented the move, in reality it’s no great loss. Recovery plans are the central tool available to the federal government […]

Les inégalités entre les territoires deviennent des inégalités au sein des territoires

Originally published on À entendre les commentateurs, les politiques et particulièrement les élus locaux, la cause est entendue : les inégalités territoriales augmentent, les territoires « oubliés » se multiplient. Ce ne n’est plus la mais davantage les fractures territoriales que l’on dénonce. Pourtant, en regard, inlassablement mais de façon quasi inaudible, la parole experte fait un […]

Turnbull slams ‘deceitful’ Morrison for giving Australia a reputation as untrustworthy

Originally published on Malcolm Turnbull has accused Scott Morrison of trashing Australia’s reputation for trustworthiness and putting national security at risk, in a swingeing attack on the Prime Minister’s handling of the cancellation of the French submarine contract. Turnbull also revealed that since the blow-up with France he had spoken to French President Emmanuel […]