Should I get my COVID vaccine booster? Yes, it increases protection against COVID, including Omicron

Originally published on CDC/Unsplash If it’s been six months since you got the second COVID vaccine dose, it’s time to book in for your booster shot. This will provide additional protection against COVID, including the new Omicron variant. While the evidence is still emerging, preliminary data suggests a Pfizer booster might give the same […]

Vaccinated or not, Novak Djokovic should be able to play at the Australian Open

Originally published on Andy Brownbill/AP Novak Djokovic told the media last week “you will know very soon” if he is going to play in the Australian Open in January, for a chance to win a tenth title. He is on the list of entrants to the tournament, but he has not yet clarified whether […]

Planning a Christmas get-together? 8 tips to avoid a super-spreader event

Originally published on Shutterstock Not many more sleeps until Christmas, and all those long lunches and get-togethers with family and friends. If you’re hosting a gathering and want to avoid a super-spreader event, it’s worth having a discussion with your guests to set some rules to minimise the risk of COVID transmission. For example, […]

Content from confrontation: how the attention economy helps stoke aggression towards retail workers

Originally published on Shutterstock A Melbourne bookshop worker shoved down an escalator. Another scalded by a cup of hot coffee thrown at them. A trolley thrown at yet another. These are three of the more shocking incidents in what Australian retailers and unions say is an epidemic of abuse and aggression directed towards retail […]

Ever wondered who would win in a fight between a dingo and a wolf? An expert explains

Originally published on Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND This article is part of the “Who would win?” series, where wildlife experts dream up hypothetical battles between predators (all in the name of science). Imagine two of the world’s most iconic canids – a dingo and a wolf – head to head in a fight. […]

Meet Katsura Niyō: the young female rising star in the traditionally male Japanese art form, rakugo

Originally published on Rakugo is among Japan’s more humble performing arts: a solo performer, dressed in traditional kimono, sits on a plush cushion and narrates stories lasting twenty or thirty minutes, assuming the roles of every character. A simple folding fan and handkerchief stand in for anything from a writing brush to a roasted […]

Our research shows public support for a First Nations Voice is not only high, it’s deeply entrenched

Originally published on Much has been written about why Indigenous recognition is important. Such recognition would be a legal change to address the dispossession of Indigenous peoples from their lands and rights, and the widescale damage to Indigenous lives and culture. At the top of the recognition agenda is a national First Nations Voice […]

Politics with Michelle Grattan: Adam Bandt on hopes for a dozen Greens senators and a ‘power-sharing’ parliament.

Originally published on Greens leader Adam Bandt is hopeful his party could have 12 senators in the next parliament. Only three of the party’s nine senators are up for re-election (in Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania). So, assuming they hold their seats, with possible wins in South Australia, Queensland and NSW there is the […]

Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art shows how our local differences demand curiosity and care

Originally published on Yuma Taru The spiral of life – the tongue of the cloth (yan pal ana hmali) – a mutual dialogue 2021 Ramie suspended from metal threads / 500 x 250cm (diam.); installed dimensions variable / Commissioned for APT10 Courtesy: The artist and Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Centre Review: Asia Pacific […]

Nature is hiding in every nook of Australia’s cities – just look a little closer and you’ll find it

Originally published on Shutterstock Thanks to technological advances, citizen science has experienced unprecedented global growth over the past decade. It’s enabled millions of people to get involved in science, whether by gathering data, sharing health information or helping to map galaxies. And just because you live in a city, it doesn’t mean you can’t […]