Vital Signs. The RBA wants to cut unemployment, and nothing — not even soaring home prices — will stand in its way

Originally published on Ahead of the definitive official read of the economy from the treasury in the budget on Tuesday, the Reserve Bank has given us two special insights into its own thinking in the space of 14 hours. They suggest that (first) the economy is improving, and (second) the bank is not going […]

How The Conversation’s journalism made a difference in April

Originally published on A lab technician in South Africa. Jerome Delay/AP Every month, we ask The Conversation authors what happened after we published their articles. Here are some of their stories from April 2021. Academic insights reached millions The story that garnered the most interest from our audience in April was this piece on […]

US support for waiving COVID vaccine intellectual property is a huge step. Australia must follow

Originally published on Yesterday, the US Biden administration declared its support for waiving intellectual property rights, including patents, for COVID-19 vaccines. This decision represents a huge breakthrough in discussions at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that have been deadlocked for more than six months. Shortly afterwards, New Zealand’s trade minister Damien O’Connor announced his […]

From baby blue-tongues to elephant doulas: motherhood across the animal kingdom

Originally published on Diana Robinson, Author provided With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s a good opportunity to ask what being a mother looks like across the animal kingdom. Most of us have a solid concept of human motherhood, but in nature maternal care comes in many forms. Let’s take a closer look at […]

Why now would be a good time for the Reserve Bank to publish stress test results for individual banks

Originally published on Set against the backdrop of an economy healing from 2020’s annus horribilis, this week’s Financial Stability Report (FSR) from the Reserve Bank (RBNZ) was cautiously reassuring: the country’s financial system is sound, though vulnerabilities remain. Banks have managed to increase their capital buffers, allowing them to better withstand losses on […]

ADHD affects girls too, and it can present differently to the way it does in boys. Here’s what to look out for

Originally published on Shutterstock Two female Australian comedians recently revealed they’ve been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In an interview before her shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Fiona O’Loughlin alluded to lifelong challenges including disorganisation and inability to sustain attention. O’Loughlin, 57, described her diagnosis as a “seismic shift” in […]

Grattan on Friday: Unblocking the passage from India

Originally published on Shutterstock It became clear this week repatriation flights for Australians stranded in India would have to resume ASAP after May 15, whatever the COVID situation in that country. By going too far in its effort to stop individuals using a third-country “loophole” to get home, the Australian government made it impossible […]

The government has pledged over $800m to fight natural disasters. It could be revolutionary — if done right

Originally published on Shutterstock To help Australia adapt to climate change and manage the disasters that come with it, the federal government this week pledged A$600 million towards establishing the National Recovery and Resilience Agency, and $210 million for the Australian Climate Service initiative. The sizeable investments make sense, as Australia’s threat landscape has […]

COVID has made one thing very clear — we do not know enough about Australians overseas

Originally published on Bianca De MarchI/AAP The COVID-19 crisis has thrust a largely unseen part of Australia’s population firmly into the national spotlight. These are the Australians who live and work abroad — our diaspora. For more than a year, we have been hearing harrowing stories of Australians unable to get home. Most recently, […]

Why we should take a women-centred approach to diagnosing and treating iron deficiency

Originally published on Florian Gaertner/Getty Images Iron deficiency is a common nutritional disorder worldwide, and pre-menopausal women are most at risk of being diagnosed with it. New Zealand’s most recent nutritional survey (from 2008/09) shows 12% of women may suffer from iron deficiency. But more recent research in New Zealand suggests up to 55% […]