Ministerial interference is an attack on academic freedom and Australia’s literary culture

Originally published on Stuart Robert, who as acting Education Minister vetoed six ARC approved research projects. Lukas Coch/AAP On Christmas Eve, many researchers across the country received the news that their Australian Research Council (ARC) funding applications had failed. For most of them, this was disappointing but not surprising: the success rate for the […]

Planning, stress and worry put the mental load on mothers – will 2022 be the year they share the burden?

Originally published on Rich Smith/Unsplash The COVID pandemic has made the very private issue of the domestic division of labour – the way housework and childcare are divided – a very public issue. During lockdowns, the burden of housework and childcare grew significantly for men and women in opposite-sex and same-sex couples both in […]

Working holidaymakers bring in $3bn each year – so, how will Australia ensure they come back?

Originally published on Shutterstock Working holidaymakers will be one of the first international visitor markets to return to Australia in 2022. But as global travel slowly resumes and many young people start thinking about working overseas again, global competition for this market will be intense. Australia will need to out-compete other destinations to bring […]

Cabinet papers 2001: how ‘securitisation’ became a mindset to dominate Australian politics for a generation

Originally published on David Foote/National Archives of Australia 2001 was the final year of the Howard government’s second term in office. It began with the government on the political defensive, doing poorly in opinion polls, but ended with a third successive victory in November. Two epic political developments – the “Tampa crisis”, in which […]

Orchid hunting has come a long way. In 5 steps you can join a national research effort

Originally published on _Thelymitra_ orchid. Photo: Heidi Zimmer, Author provided This article is part of a series explaining how readers can learn the skills to take part in activities that academics love doing as part of their work. Orchid hunting conjures images from the 1800s – explorers in mud-spattered khaki, traipsing through impenetrable jungle, […]

Has the pandemic fundamentally changed our ethics?

Originally published on Over the past two years, our lives have changed in unprecedented ways. In the face of the pandemic, we have been required to obey demanding new rules and accept new risks, making enormous changes to our daily lives. These disruptions can challenge us to think differently about ethics – about what […]