Women’s police stations in Australia: would they work for ‘all’ women?

Originally published on theconversation.com Proposals to expand police powers, to criminalise coercive control and to establish specialist women’s police stations have all occupied a prominent place in Australia’s recent debate about responses to violence against women. The proposal to establish women’s police stations has received a strong platform in mainstream media and academic journals. It […]

Forget nose spray, good sex clears a stuffy nose just as effectively — and is a lot more fun

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock Medical news is full of stories about promising new treatments for challenging conditions, or for additional health benefits of routine behaviours and habits. Who doesn’t want to feel good about drinking coffee or eating chocolate? In this rich vein, a study by German and British researchers published earlier this year […]

‘Bloody fool!’: why Ripper the musk duck, and many other talkative Aussie birds, are exciting biologists

Originally published on theconversation.com shutterstock Recently, two native Australian birds have stolen the limelight with their impressive vocal imitations. A superb lyrebird called Echo at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has produced a painfully realistic vocal rendition of a human baby crying. Lyrebirds are already world-famous for their astonishingly accurate vocal mimicry, but these new recordings show […]

VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the Anglosphere’s reassertion in the Indo-Pacific

Originally published on theconversation.com University of Canberra Professorial Fellow Michelle Grattan and University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Paddy Nixon discuss the week in politics. This week Michelle and Paddy discuss the revelation that anonymous donors covered some of former attorney-general Christian Porter’s legal fees incurred during his defamation case against the ABC. They […]

On the money: Kate Sheppard and the making of a New Zealand feminist icon

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock In 1992 four New Zealand icons (and the queen) appeared on new banknotes. Part of creating national identity, these notable citizens were chosen to represent the pinnacles of achievement. Āpirana Ngata, Edmund Hillary, Ernest Rutherford and Kate Sheppard — all in circulation so their acts and values can be admired, […]

Fitzgibbon is quitting politics but this doesn’t mean Albanese can party

Originally published on theconversation.com Joel Fitzgibbon and Anthony Albanese in parliament in 2018. Mick Tsikas/AAP One imagines the retirement of Joel Fitzgibbon at the next election simplifies things for Anthony Albanese, as he crafts a climate change formula more in sync with the established science and the global consensus. A vocal defender of coalmining and […]

When COVID patients are intubated in ICU, the trauma can stay with them long after this breathing emergency

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock The current wave of COVID cases is leading to more hospital and intensive care (ICU) admissions. Frontline health workers and experts use the term “intubation” for the extra breathing support some patients need in an emergency. But many people don’t know what this procedure involves and the trauma it can […]

QLD police will use AI to ‘predict’ domestic violence before it happens. Beware the unintended consequences

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is expected to begin a trial using artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the future risk posed by known domestic violence perpetrators. Perpetrators identified as “high risk” — based on previous calls to an address, past criminal activity and other police-held data — will be visited […]

Grattan on Friday: Porter’s funding from a ‘blind trust’ is as integrity test for Morrison

Originally published on theconversation.com For a very intellectually smart man, Christian Porter often shows extraordinarily bad judgment. After he was accused of historical rape, which he strongly denied, he believed he could remain as attorney-general, despite that being clearly not viable. Then he chose to sue the ABC and one of its reporters for defamation, […]

Just 4.5% jobless during lockdowns? The unemployment rate is now meaningless

Originally published on theconversation.com Australia’s labour force statistics for August again make the case for giving up on the rate of unemployment as an indicator of the state of the labour market. In June the official unemployment rate dropped below 5% for the first time since before the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. In July […]