Doctors and farmers turn up heat on Morrison ahead of Glasgow

Originally published on Multiple doctors’ organisations, led by the Australian Medical Association, and a major farm lobby have called on the federal government to boost Australia’s climate change ambition, as pressure mounts on Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce to finalise a deal ahead of the Glasgow conference. In an open letter to the Prime […]

Podcast with Michelle Grattan: Christian Porter’s anonymous money pot

Originally published on As well as her interviews with politicians and experts, Politics with Michelle Grattan now includes “Word from The Hill”, where she discusses the news with members of The Conversation politics team. In this episode, politics + society editor Amanda Dunn and Michelle discuss Christian Porter’s extraordinary “blind trust” – where generous […]

Is Salman Rushdie’s decision to publish on Substack the death of the novel?

Originally published on EPA/HAYOUNG JEON Email newsletters might be associated with the ghost towns of old personal email addresses for many: relentlessly accumulating unopened updates from organisations, stores and services signed up to and forgotten in the distant past. But over the last few years they have experienced a revival, with an increasing number […]

ASIC, now less a corporate watchdog, more a lapdog

Originally published on Shutterstock The implosion of Australia’s corporate watchdog, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, under the federal government’s new directions, has gone from tragedy to farce. ASIC was described as “weak, hesitant and timid” in a 2014 Senate review of its performance. To be fair, that was before ASIC’s current leadership. Now […]

Climate explained: how much of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels and could we replace it all with renewables?

Originally published on Shutterstock/Tsetso Photo CC BY-ND Climate explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre to answer your questions about climate change. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, please send it to How are fossil fuels formed, why do they […]

Flattening the COVID curve: 3 weeks of tougher lockdowns in Sydney’s hotspots halved expected case numbers

Originally published on In a pandemic, you expect that as new public health measures are introduced, there’s an observable impact on the spread of the disease. But while that might have been the case in Melbourne’s second wave last year, the highly contagious Delta variant is different. In Sydney’s current second wave, none of […]

5 questions to ask yourself before you dob — advice for adults and kids, from an ethicist

Originally published on COVID lockdown rules have thrust “dobbing” into the spotlight, with some asking whether Australia is a nation of dobbers. But when is dobbing ethical and when is it wrong? This is a tricky question for adults and kids alike. There is clearly a place for reporting wrongdoing — it can halt […]

WATCH: Our mobile phones are covered in bacteria and viruses… and we never wash them

Originally published on Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND COVID-19 has seen the world embrace sanitisers and formal hand washing procedures in our private lives like never before. But even as we’ve thought more and more about surfaces and the hands that touch them as vectors for disease, mobile phones have largely escaped scrutiny. We […]

Kids’ fitness is at risk while they miss sport and hobbies — but mums are getting more physical

Originally published on Shutterstock For most of our lives, the rhythms of our days are governed by crystallised routines: we get up, have breakfast, go to school or work, have lunch, dinner, watch TV, go to bed. For families, weekly routines often revolve around kids’ sport or active hobbies. Then there are times in […]

As the Balinese respond to the collapse of tourism, ritual is important — and dangerous

Originally published on Johanes Christo/NurPhoto via Getty Images The arrival of the Delta variant in Indonesia has plunged Bali, one of the country’s richest provinces, into an economic crisis and a conflict between beliefs and public health measures. Mask wearing is now mandatory and a partial lockdown is in place. But many Balinese see […]