Politics with Michelle Grattan: The push to run independents on issues of climate and integrity

Originally published on theconversation.com With the 2022 election looming, local activists are mobilising in many government seats to sponsor independent candidates. The push – stronger and more organised since the 2019 election – is driven especially by concerns about climate change and integrity issues, as well as the general declining faith in the major parties, […]

Who is Fumio Kishida, Japan’s new prime minister?

Originally published on theconversation.com Fumiko Kishida will become the next prime minister of Japan after winning a dramatic runoff in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leadership vote today. He will be Japan’s third prime minister in just over a year, replacing the deeply unpopular Yoshihide Suga, whose fortunes began to fall after he followed […]

‘An idealised Australian ethos’: why Bluey is an audience favourite, even for adults without kids

Originally published on theconversation.com ABC TV Bluey, the Emmy award-winning animated series about a family of anthropomorphized cattle dogs, has become a ratings phenomenon since it was first broadcast on the ABC in 2018. Bluey follows the eponymous six-year-old Blue Heeler, her younger sister, Bingo, and their playful parents, Bandit and Chilli. As part of […]

Male mosquitoes don’t want your blood, but they still find you very attractive

Originally published on theconversation.com Perran Ross, Author provided The whine of the mosquito is unpleasant and often inescapable outdoors on summer evenings. Mosquitoes track you down from tens of metres away by sensing carbon dioxide in the air you breathe out. Within seconds, they home in on exposed skin and feast on your blood with […]

No, Barnaby. The UK energy crisis has nothing to do with its net-zero target, and to suggest otherwise is outrageous

Originally published on theconversation.com Lukas Coch/AAP As debate heats up in Australia about adopting a net-zero emissions target, Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce and other key party figures have pointed to the UK energy crisis as a supposedly cautionary tale. On the ABC’s Insiders program on Sunday, Joyce expressed reticence about the net-zero policy, and said […]

How contagious is Delta? How long are you infectious? Is it more deadly? A quick guide to the latest science

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock Delta was recognised as a SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern in May 2021 and has proved extremely difficult to control in unvaccinated populations. Delta has managed to out-compete other variants, including Alpha. Variants are classified as “of concern” because they’re either more contagious than the original, cause more hospitalisations and deaths, […]

Vax and vacation? Why that Pacific island holiday will still mean ‘traveller beware’

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock Pacific Island countries are betting big on vaccination as a strategy for resuming tourism by Christmas and bringing much needed relief for their struggling economies. For much of the Pacific, tourism has long been the goose that laid the golden egg. But the pandemic has underlined how fragile and temperamental […]

Take care with paracetamol when pregnant — but don’t let pain or fever go unchecked

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock Pregnancy comes with aches and pains and heightened anxiety about what we put into the body. A new article published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology has urged caution around taking paracetamol during pregnancy. The paper is a “consensus statement” that brings together analysis by a panel of experts who looked at […]

The Nationals signing up to net-zero should be a no-brainer. Instead, they’re holding Australia to ransom

Originally published on theconversation.com AAP Prime Minister Scott Morrison is reportedly developing a plan for Australia to adopt a target of net-zero emissions by 2050. Climate change was a central focus of the Quad talks in Washington which Morrison attended in recent days, and he is under significant international pressure to adopt a net-zero target […]

The larrikin lives on — as a conservative politician

Originally published on theconversation.com Prime Minister Scott Morrison cheers in the sheds after a NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the North Queensland Cowboys in Sydney, 2019. Craig Golding/AAP Review: Quarterly Essay 83 Top Blokes: The Larrikin Myth, Class and Power by Lech Blaine (Black Inc) The top blokes seem to be everywhere. There […]