Why New Zealanders are vulnerable to genetic discrimination in health and life insurance

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock/gopixa Genetic testing is increasingly used as part of routine healthcare to determine a patient’s risk for some conditions, including certain cancers. But insurers can use genetic test results to refuse cover or increase premiums. This is called genetic discrimination — the use of someone’s genetic information to treat them differently. […]

Rapid antigen tests have long been used overseas to detect COVID. Here’s what Australia can learn

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt wants COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to be available for home use as soon as they’re approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Hunt hopes approval will come by Christmas, if not before. This would allow Australians to test themselves for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes […]

The Good Fight: exhilarating entertainment and a grim warning of what the US could become

Originally published on theconversation.com Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald in The Good Fight. Scott Free Productions, King Size Productions, CBS All Access Our writers nominate the TV series keeping them entertained during a time of COVID. Ever since The West Wing premiered in 1999, American television has loved series based on presidential politics. One could […]

Germans have voted to replace Angela Merkel — here are 7 ways to understand the results so far

Originally published on theconversation.com Martin Meissner/AP/AAP On Sunday, Germans went to the polls to decide who will succeed retiring Angela Merkel as chancellor. Read more: From ‘Mädchen’ to ‘Mutti’: as Angela Merkel departs, she leaves a great legacy of leadership With a very close result as counting continues, it could be weeks or even months […]

Not all men’s violence prevention programs are effective: why women’s voices need to be included

Originally published on theconversation.com Dylan Gillis/Unsplash In the opening panel of the National Summit on Women’s Safety 2021, Professor Marcia Langton called for a separate national plan to address violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. Other panels spoke about the importance of perpetrator interventions and engaging men and boys in prevention, particularly those […]

New drives to counter China come with a major risk: throwing fuel on the Indo-Pacific arms race

Originally published on theconversation.com Evan Vucci/AP An accelerating arms race in the Indo-Pacific is all but guaranteed now that China finds itself a target of new security arrangements — AUKUS and the Quad — aimed at containing its power and influence. This has the makings of a new great game in the region in which […]

With the AUKUS alliance confronting China, New Zealand should ramp up its anti-nuclear diplomacy

Originally published on theconversation.com New Zealand might not be part of the recently revealed security agreement between the US, Britain and Australia (AUKUS), but it certainly can’t avoid the diplomatic and strategic fallout. Under the pact, Australia stands to gain nuclear-powered submarine capability, with the US seeking greater military basing rights in the region. ASEAN […]

The clock is ticking on net-zero, and Australia’s farmers must not get a free pass

Originally published on theconversation.com Dan Peled/AAP Political momentum is growing in Australia to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. On Friday, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was the latest member of the federal government to throw his weight behind the goal. But for Australia to achieve net-zero across the economy, emissions from agriculture must fall […]

With vision of a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific’, Quad leaders send a clear signal to China

Originally published on theconversation.com Evan Vucci/AP The Quad has come a long way since it was resurrected in 2017 as a loose coalition comprising the US, Australia, India and Japan. The face-to-face, leaders summit at the end of last week marked a new high point for the grouping. Three of the members continue to suffer […]