Would Australians support mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine? Our research suggests most would

Originally published on theconversation.com Dean Lewins/AAP Australia’s vaccine rollout is moving far more slowly than the government had hoped, and there is evidence of vaccine hesitancy in a significant part of the population. Some governments and media outlets are already considering whether mandates will be needed to reach sufficient vaccine coverage. Last year, Prime Minister […]

Charging Indians for COVID vaccines is bad, letting vaccine producers charge what they like is unconscionable

Originally published on theconversation.com Countries around the world are racing against time to vaccinate their populations against the coronavirus. But India has thus far been a poor performer, with only 9.6% of its population receiving a vaccine so far (compared to 51.8% in the UK, 45% in the US, 32.1% in Germany and 14.9% in […]

Australia Post’s worst nightmare: Christine Holgate to head delivery rival Global Express

Originally published on theconversation.com TK Kurikawa/Shutterstock “This is the one thing we didn’t want to happen.” That line – from the satirical British current affairs television program BrassEye – could easily be reverberating through federal government offices this week. Yesterday the news dropped that Christine Holgate, the Australia Post chief executive pushed so roughly from […]

Want to save the children? How child sexual abuse and human trafficking really work

Originally published on theconversation.com Sandor Szmutko/Shutterstock Millions of kidnapped children are imprisoned in underground tunnels, being sexually abused and tortured by a shadowy global cabal of paedophiles. That, at least, is some of the misinformation about child sex trafficking being spread on social media. You’ll also see such ideas being promoted at protests from Los […]

Wesley Enoch: the 2021 budget must think big and reinvest in the social capital of ideas

Originally published on theconversation.com Big thinking has been unfashionable for too long. Over the past decade, successive leaders have overseen cuts to universities, the arts and public broadcasting. There has also been a rejection of First Nations attempts to wrestle back dignity and create lasting change for the whole country. When former arts minister George […]

I have asthma, diabetes or another illness — can I get my COVID vaccine yet?

Originally published on theconversation.com Shutterstock Australia is currently in Phase 1a and Phase 1b of the COVID vaccine rollout but as a GP, I have had many questions from patients unsure if they’re in those categories or not. One way to find out is to use the Australian government’s eligibility checker here, or ask your […]

Shrill, bossy, emotional: why language matters in the gender debate

Originally published on theconversation.com Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND There has been much debate recently about the way women who work in our federal parliament are treated. This discussion has highlighted that society continues to place very different values on the way women and men behave. Language – as a behaviour – holds a mirror […]

View from The Hill: a budget for a pandemic, with next year’s election in mind

Originally published on theconversation.com Treasurer Josh Frydenberg calls this a “pandemic budget” – one to sustain the economy in times that are still uncertain – but it also has a substantial element of an election budget. That’s not to suggest Prime Minister Scott Morrison will rush to the polls this year. But given the election […]

Frydenberg promises housing breaks in ‘pandemic budget’

Originally published on theconversation.com Josh Frydenberg says he will bring down a “pandemic budget” on Tuesday, warning that despite Australia’s strong recovery, there is “still a great deal of uncertainty out there”. The Treasurer points to new strains of the coronavirus, the COVID crisis raging in India, and local lockdowns. “We can’t take for granted […]

Vital Signs. The RBA wants to cut unemployment, and nothing — not even soaring home prices — will stand in its way

Originally published on theconversation.com Ahead of the definitive official read of the economy from the treasury in the budget on Tuesday, the Reserve Bank has given us two special insights into its own thinking in the space of 14 hours. They suggest that (first) the economy is improving, and (second) the bank is not going […]